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Some 15 million Americans have vascular disorders, which affect the arteries and veins throughout the body. Vascular disorders are often thought of as “hardening of the arteries” or “poor circulation.” At least half of those with vascular disorders have no symptoms.

Quick and Effective Diagnosis Leads to Better Outcomes

However, it is important to diagnose these conditions accurately and early, because they can lead to progressive discomfort, long-term disability or even sudden death. Vascular disease can reduce your life expectancy by causing heart attacks, strokes, ruptured blood vessels, blood clots or kidney failure. Blood vessel disease in your legs can lead to amputation if left untreated; in fact, it leads to about 100,000 amputations each year. Also, if you have vascular disease, your risk for developing heart disease is six times greater. Our vascular surgery team can determine the nature and extent of your condition by performing a complete range of diagnostic tests, and then implement the most sophisticated treatment strategies to return you to good health. As a Level I trauma center and an advanced surgical center staffed by board-certified surgeons, the Hospital Center serves more than 300,000 patients a year in the Washington metropolitan area.

We Depend on the Support of Our Generous Donors

We are a not-for-profit organization, and depend on the support of our generous donors. Since 2000, we have provided more than $220 million in charity care to our community. Please help us as we work to effectively treat and cure vascular disease.