The future of cardiovascular research

From the most effective new cardiac treatments, to staying ahead of the latest scientific advances, research and innovation are at the heart of MedStar Cardiovascular Research Network. We are committed to developing new technologies and strategies to enhance patient care.

MedStar Cardiovascular Research Network is a comprehensive and successful research and education program designed to improve survival and quality of life for people with cardiovascular disease. Through MCRN, we bring the benefits of pioneering research and clinical trials to patients throughout the region. Learn more about the cardiovascular innovations we’ve pioneered.

Led by scientists, cardiovascular investigators and physicians, research nurses and others, MCRN is involved in up to 120 active studies on topics such as acute coronary syndrome, cardiac imaging, heart failure, gene discovery and more. Its internationally recognized Cardiovascular Core Laboratory includes dedicated facilities and experts in angiography, echocardiography, intravascular ultrasound, cardiac MRI and cardiac CT.

At any time, we are involved in 30 to 50 investigational trials for the treatment of heart disease, and our cardiologists and cardiac surgeons publish their findings in national and international journals. Learn more about clinical trials.

“MedStar Cardiovascular Research Network Capabilities and Services”


“Leading the evolution of cardiovascular care” Capabilities, Performance, Outcomes: 2020-2021

Discover how our commitment to teamwork, transparency, and innovation leads to the best possible results for our patients.