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Why Support Us

The quality services provided by MedStar Health hospitals and its other healthcare businesses help more than half a million people overcome illness or injury, combat life-threatening diseases, and develop habits that contribute to good health. As the region's healthcare leader, we touch the lives of more patients throughout the Baltimore/Washington area than any other healthcare system. While MedStar Health builds and strengthens the surrounding communities through the quality healthcare services we provide, our community impact is greatly affected by available resources.

Like any other healthcare organization, MedStar Health faces economic challenges, such as rising costs, diminishing reimbursement structures, increasing capital needs and a growing number of patients without health insurance. However, we are able to continually offer world-class, high-quality patient care, medical education and research with the help of charitable contributions given to us from within the community.



Establishing new centers and facilities of treatment to better serve the healthcare needs of the community



Developing and implementing new and more effective ways to diagnose and treat diseases



Advancing medical outcomes through the collective investigations of physicians and scientists across our wide spectrum of specialties and areas of care


State-of-the-Art Procedures

Initiating and expanding patient programs by attracting and retaining leading medical professionals


Charitable Care

Provide quality care to uninsured and underinsured patients

Whether you are donating money, stock, or time, you are contributing to the quality care that MedStar Health hospitals and its other healthcare businesses are known for. Help MedStar Health better serve you and our communities by making a donation. Learn how you can make a gift today.