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MedStar Health helps more than half a million people throughout the Baltimore and Washington, D.C., area overcome illness or injury, fight life-threatening diseases and develop habits that contribute to living a healthier life.

As a not-for-profit organization, MedStar Health is proud to reinvest your generous donation to fund our mission of caring and to fund research that changes the landscape and outcomes of cardiovascular disease. We encourage you to engage us in a conversation exploring how we can work together to fulfill that mission and advance the future of healthcare. Your “return” on such an investment promises to be real, meaningful and life-changing for thousands of patients and families in our communities.

Ways to give

We invite you to partner with us by making a philanthropic investment in the way that matters most to you. You might choose to fund essential research, volunteer, support staff education and training, underwrite one of our hospital programs or invest in a specific service for which you feel particular passion.

You will discover that philanthropy can be part of the healing process in a unique and satisfying way. Discover the many ways to express gratitude and celebrate the extraordinary care provided by MedStar Health. Learn more.

We greatly appreciate donations from individuals, corporations or private organizations and foundations. These gifts can be made to MedStar initiatives as a whole or directed to a specific specialty or program.

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How your donation helps the community

Whether you donate money, stock or time, you help MedStar Health build and strengthen the surrounding communities through quality healthcare services.

  • Modernization: Establishing new centers and facilities of treatment to better serve the healthcare needs of the community
  • Technology: Developing and implementing new and more effective ways to diagnose and treat diseases
  • Research: Advancing medical outcomes through the collective investigations of physicians and scientists across our wide spectrum of specialties and areas of care
  • Healthcare professionals: Initiating and expanding patient programs by attracting and retaining leading medical professionals
  • Charitable care: Providing quality care to uninsured and underinsured patients

“In a Heartbeat”: Uncovering the Mysteries of the Heart

Discover our programs’ innovations in surgery, interventional cardiology, electrophysiology and more in the 2016 edition of Capabilities, Performance and Outcomes.