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Our Physicians: Cardio-Oncology

Our cardiologists have a special interest in the prevention and early detection of cardiac complications from chemotherapy or other cancer treatments, like radiation therapy to the chest.

Cardiologists and cancer physicians working together

Our oncologists and cardiologists work together, using state-of-the-art imaging technology to determine the potential risks and provide the best treatment options for patients.

Our physicians are fellowship-trained and work at an academic medical center, and  have been exposed to the widest range of patient situations and the latest research in their field. Their goal is to diagnose and treat patients, and  also learn effective methods for fighting cancer without damaging or compromising heart function. Learn more about treatment and management and our cardio-oncology research.

Ana Barac, MD, who leads the program, has specialized expertise in this field, and an interest in building better paths for evaluating and treating these unusual patients. Together, she works with oncologists at our sister institutions, including Washington Cancer Institute and the Lombardi Cancer Center.

Meet our cardio-oncology team


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