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For Referring Physicians

The MedStar Heart Institute’s Cardio-Oncology Program is the first of its kind in our Greater Baltimore/Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. We are dedicated to the prevention and early detection of cardiac complications from chemotherapy or other cancer treatments.

Combining sophisticated and advanced cardiac testing with the skills of our specialized cardiologists, our program offers:

  •       Earlier diagnosis of heart problems
  •       Special monitoring of your patients with cancer who also have existing or potential cardiac issues

If you have a patient with cancer and these other conditions that may affect their care:

  •       History of cardiomyopathy or heart failure Hypertension
  •       High cholesterol
  •       Diabetes
  •       Other heart-related issues

Please contact us by calling 202-877-2162. You may also send an email to [email protected]

You can see one of our cardiologists with expertise in cancer treatment at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital by calling 202-444-5111.

Our experienced team maintains communication with you while we are caring for your patient.

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For information or appointments, please call 888-354-3422.